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Denise Ann Kiser Art

“Love” Limited Edition Relief Print 5”x 7”

“Love” Limited Edition Relief Print 5”x 7”

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I created this sacred heart image from a tattoo design I was sketching for my first tattoo. I still need to get that tattoo!!

When carving away the linoleum plate for this design I decided to leave the “noise” around the heart to express the chaos of fire, and from there the word Love appeared at the bottom. I used the Fibonacci spiral in the center with the flames tangling around each other like snakes and an eye appeared at the top which now looks like a bird. I love hidden images. <3

This relief print is hand printed on Rives BFK Paper with Charbonnel Ink. 

Limited Edition of 10


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Linoleum print and inked block

“Love” linoleum print

Fresh off the block. Limited edition of 10.